Love, Blair: pumpkin-style

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


basically felt like a comfy pumpkin wearing this outfit. oversized orange top? check. baggy shorts? check. stems on display? check. this probably will be one of the last times the 'ole pasty legs will be exposed during 2012... unless this indian summer [72 degrees today!!] decides to stick around for a while. 

now normally i wouldn't suggest wearing an oversized sweater AND baggy shorts, but somedays it just feels good to be cozy. do any of you have a go-to "relaxed" outfit? mine is typically a large sweater, boyfriend jeans and boots. i've even begun stealing some of my hubby's sweatshirts [shhhh]...

speaking of the husband, he's back in town [yippeeeee!] and back snapping my pics! per his suggestion, i gathered a handful of wet, slimy leaves and tossed them dramatically for this week's "awkward blogger pose". although this probably isn't my best angle [bahaha] i didn't want to withhold this gem-of-a-photo from you guys... ;) [i'm thinking new facebook profile pic. yes??]

now get outside and frolic in some leaves before this indian summer is goooooone!

xoxo, blair. 

[sweater: zara // graphic shorts: h&m // nestor boots: c/o steve madden // bracelets: forever 21 // fringe bag: c/o: francesca's collections // double stud ring: c/o skinny by jessica elliot]


  1. You never fail to amaze us. Love everything about this post and more!


  2. Ahh I love everything about this outfit ! The sweater, shorts, shoes, bag!

  3. I think my favorite things about fall is watching the leaves turn amazing colors. Your sweater is so brilliant against the backdrop! And you should show off those legs, they are gorgeous!

    1. You would love Michigan in the fall. Lots of trees, lots of color everywhere. And it looks like the legs are out on display again today... I guess this indian summer is sticking around!!

  4. The leaves in Fresno will never fall because it's hotter than HADES up in here. Actually it's been quite pleasant the last few days, but the forecast says right back to heat in the next few days. I remember how bare our front yard tree was and I don't think a single leaf has fallen from it yet this year.

    I'm moving to Alaska.

    Anyway, I love that sweater! Orange is such a fun color and yes, very pumpkin-y. And I have a surprise at the end of my blog post for you tomorrow. So make sure you see it. ;)


  5. Super cute combination! I love those boots. :)


  6. i absolutely love this outfit! the color of your sweater is gorgeous and the print on the shorts is perfect! looove :)
    ~niki <3

  7. I like your leaf throwing pose. And I'm kind of obsessed with your shorts.

  8. As always, you look beautiful! Orange looks lovely on you! xxx

  9. What a festive post! I love the ones with the leaves falling and the close-up of your boots.

  10. The color of that sweater is amazing! So eye catching...I def go with an oversized sweater when I'm going for comfy and I am guilty of stealing from my fiancé's closet too.


  11. Cute shorts, great color on the top, love the bag to!!

  12. well, you're a really pretty pumpkin! :) I'm from San Diego and we have had the WARMEST fall so far too. Here's to hoping for cold!

  13. You make such a chic pumpkin ;) I love those shorts!