Love, Blair: floral frocks + moccs

Thursday, June 21, 2012

floral frocks + moccs

warning: put on your sunglasses before you read ANY further! 

i'd always known my skin was borderline translucent, but this is about as blinding as staring directly into the sun. or worse. it's a toss up. the 3rd photo looks like i'm wearing white nylons, but i promise... that's some genuine pastiness right there!

you've probably already guessed this, but i'm a die-hard sunscreen worshipper. not OCD [yet] but pretty darn close!

earlier this week i wrote a little diddy on chictopia's EIU blog entitled "3 summer makeup must-haves"... and one included tinted moisturizer with spf. i love mine! or simply cocktail sunscreen with your foundation for added sun protection! 

i'd rather be pasty now than crinkly later... :) 

... and i've decided that moccasins are all the rage this summer. ross tends to look at me curiously when i slip my moccasins on in 94 degree weather. yes, i'm obsessed! 

plus, all the grand rapids bloggers are wearing them. not that i cave into peer pressure or anything but... check out my friend tieka from selective potential in her cute slip-on moccasins! over here in the mitten we rock the moccs!  

[dress: blue rain from francesca's collections // shoes: courtesy of minnetonka moccasins // earrings: vintage]

xoxo, blair. 


  1. That dress is gorgeous! I love it :) And goodness me you are pale indeed! But being pale is coveted (hard as it is to believe)..pale people I find are prettier :P
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  2. oh, man. if we stood side by side, we would be like chocolate chip cookies.
    hahaha. you are lovely, dear!

  3. You rock those moccs girl!! Even if it is hot, they are too cute not to wear. :) Loving your dress and how perfect it is for summer. And I feel you on the pastiness. I may look much darker than you, but remember that I'm half Mexican so I should already be dark! But like you, I'm digging the sunscreen more and more. The sun just seems way more intense nowadays than when we were kids. Have a great weekend! <3


  4. Great look! love it so much <3

  5. Oh you are just so beautiful! And you seriously rock the pale skin - yay for no wrinkly skin when older - not really worth it for a tan! Love this outfit, suits you amazingly! Loveee! x

  6. You are so right about sunprotection! Why do people not get how dangerous the sun can be?

    BTW I love your moccasins, they are so hippie/festival like -perfect for summer!

    xoxo, Jacqueline

    Mannequin de Vitrine

  7. Your style is amazingly sweet! And I just read your post on Chictopia on the summer's 3 must-haves. I'm adding them to my to-buy list. Thanks :)

    Would love if you checked my blog out too!

  8. Love your shoes and the dress! Cute outfit :)

  9. likeee your blog
    keep posting and go for it!!

  10. Such a lovely summer outfit! You look extremely cute! :)

    xoxo, Victoria,
    'The Wind of Inspiration' style blog

  11. You are SUCH a beauty, girl! We really need to get together soon! xo