Love, Blair: chictopia: 3 music festival hairstyles

Thursday, April 12, 2012

chictopia: 3 music festival hairstyles

double french braid via

in my heart i'll be at coachella this weekend. 

if we didn't live clear across the country you'd see me swaying in my boho frock with long hippie waves [sigh]. but there's always pitchfork & lollapalooza in chicago this summer --> let me know if any of you are going!

my middle sister [mikelle] was so gracious to let me use her "rapunzel" mane for these 3 music festival hairstyles! you can't see it, but her hair is almost to her belly button. jealousy!

click here for the full hair tutorial!

... and here's a summertime dream pop playlist [via sugarhigh + lovestoned] that i've been obsessing over this week. enjoy!

xoxo, blair.


  1. love the double french braid! Can't wait for lollapalooza!!

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