Love, Blair: vlog tutorial: boho waves

Sunday, March 4, 2012

vlog tutorial: boho waves

friends! thank you a million times over for your lovely comments on my "confessions" post. you guys are too sweet and i truly cherish your support! :)

so there was A LOT of chatter about my hair on thursday's post [good grief, i even found my hair on pinterest - i'm flattered!] ... hence, your voices have been heard. i present to you the hair tutorial vlog to achieve your very own boho waves!

warning: hang tight... this video went longer than expected. but it's also stocked full of my styling secrets! so grab some popcorn and get watching! 

xoxo, blair. 

p.s. i'm not this fidgety in real life. just thought you should know.

... for a glimpse of my boho waves in action click here, here, or here


  1. i LOVE it! your hair is so cute, and i havnet tried that crimping style before on my flat iron... i will have to now!

  2. So beautiful and so simple! i'm seriously trying this in the morning. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ok, I have a major girl crush on you right now!! LOL. I love when bloggers do videos because hearing their voices makes them seem more real. Like just one of us normal people. If that makes sense. You are so cute and I love this! I've never seen someone use a flat iron like that. I'm going to have to try it; it looks really fun. Have you ever tried/heard of Osis Dust It Mattifying Hair Powder? One of my stylist friends uses it on her thin hair and it's pretty cool. It's supposed to be a texture powder that you can use if you have short hair or in the crown area to give volume. I used it once when she did my hair and I like the effect if gave. I don't know if any of your stylists friends may have used it. Anyway, love the vlog and hope you had a great weekend! <3


    1. Oh Toni! You are so sweet. I agree, video blogging is definitely a whole new arena in comparison to taking photos!! The quirks are on display for everyone. Lol. Thanks for the product tip. I haven't tried that one before! The salon I work for does carry Redken's Powder Grip, which might be similar to the Osis Dust (maybe). I'll have to look for it! Have a wonderful week friend!

      xoxo, Blair.

  4. if i had long hair, i would so do this today.
    LOVE it.
    great video.

  5. Amazing Video sweetie love it and will definitely doing it you are so Gorgeous thanks so much for sharing this sweetie following you hope you follow back big kisses xxXx

  6. Love this video, girl! I used to do this look a lot, thank you for inspiring me to do it again :)

    April Lyn

  7. love this tutorial.. I haven't seen this technique yet but i love the way your hair looks!


  8. Lovely Blair, you're so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I did this today, even though i have medium-short hair. It worked a treat. Thanks, Blair!

  10. I was stalking Amy Carroll's blog who shot our wedding a couple of years ago and she mentioned this hair tutorial - I am SO glad she did - this is my absolute favorite way to make my (stick straight) hair wavy now! I too feel like I'm embracing my inner lioness ;) Thanks for sharing!

  11. can you please tell me what kind of flat iron you use? i'm having a hard time finding one with curved edges and when i do this i get lines in my hair!
    thank you!!!