Love, Blair: [semi-circle] reverse french manicure.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

[semi-circle] reverse french manicure.

soooo... i've decided to venture in the wonderful world of vlogging (aka. video blogging)! watching yourself on camera is actually quite amusing. have you ever experienced that?? it reveals all your quirks, weird phrasing, and funny accents (yes, yes, i have a true northern accent)...

you might remember my other post of the reverse french manicure (the chevron version) -- this vlog shows a couple different methods on how to achieve the "semi-circle" version of a french manicure. here's the final outcome below...

oh, and happy thanksgiving weekend to you all!! who ate too much? (raises hand...)

xoxo, blair.


  1. Great video :) Def do more!

    April Lyn

  2. That's cute! You can definitely hear your accent when you say "topcoat". :P I'll have to try this sometime. :)