Love, Blair: nerd unleashed.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

nerd unleashed.

recently there's been a great deal of chatter regarding "how to wear _____ x amount of ways". back a couple months ago it was "25 ways to wear a scarf", now it's "maximizing the maxi skirt" - thus, i've created my own version called "6 ways to look ridiculous with your faux fur collar". heh. but in all seriousness, check out the links above for some variation inspiration!

this look is actually from yesterday
zara jumper (with heart buttons!)
UO faux fur stole
"casablanca" lipstick from aura cosmetics

send some good ju-ju my way please! i tried giving my immune system a pep talk, but instead it gave me the middle finger -- feeling under the weather -- nursing myself back to health with tea, a cozy blanket, and some rest!

xoxo, blair.


  1. that jumper is so sweet! playful and fun. love your unleashed nerdiness! :) also, anytime i feel an inkling of a scratchy throat, I take zinc. Cold is gone in a snap. Hope you feel better!

  2. I enjoy all of your posts seriously <3 you're adorable :)

  3. beautiful outfit and photos! I'll follow you via bloglovin' xo