Love, Blair: how to :: "cat-eyes"

Monday, November 28, 2011

how to :: "cat-eyes"

for as long as i can remember, i've sported a fairly dramatic eye. but lately i've received several requests for my signature "cat-eye" look [meow]. i love this look because it draws your eyes outward, giving the illusion of larger peepers!!

 [fyi] this is my basic look. feel free to add intensity depending upon your look/preference. sometimes i also add mascara to the bottom lash-line [which is not shown in this tutorial]... here we go!!

with a large fluffy brush, sweep the lightest shadow along your brow bone. with the same brush, run the #2 shadow over your entire lid. with an angled brush, create a sideways "V" shape along your natural crease-line. blend and intensify as desired.

[note] depending upon your eye shape, you might have to create a "faux" crease-line. my eyes are deep-set, making it easier to define. if you don't have a well-defined crease, just be sure to blend well between your lightest and darkest shades.

dip a q-tip in eye makeup remover. run the q-tip beneath the eye [to cleanup any shadow fallout] and sweep up past the eye to create the "winged" effect. use a dry q-tip to clean off the area afterwards. 

next, run your liner along the shadow line [or go without liner... sometimes i don't even bother!]. keep your liner on an angle as to create the smoothest line possible. 

add mascara... and voila!

click here, here, and here to see the "cat-eye" technique in action! let me know if you end up trying this at home!!

xoxo, blair.


  1. You make it look so easy....and for suck. ;)
    Beautiful as ever, Mrs. L!! =)

  2. wow, so the magic is all in the q-tip!! who would have thought! ok, i'm definitely trying this now!! thank you so much! :) you're my go-to beauty guru now. :)