Love, Blair: structured.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


yikes. i'm in desperate need of a haircut. holy scraggily ends!

i modelled in a style competition last thursday -- my hair was complete with twigs, braids, leaves, and teased to the max (see last photo) -- it was a blast, but i should probably be taking extra special care of my hair these next few weeks. hello conditioning treatments!!!

here's today's outfit. i've just been running errands, now sitting down to edit a video for work... listening to oh land (thanks mikelle)... 

structured top: zara
pants: trouvé

xoxo, blair

i love the tassel detail on these shoes!!!

oh heyyy husband. you're looking ruggedly handsome today ;)

style battle photo from last week. seeeee? i'm channeling my inner woodnymph!!  woot woot for team flashback on leonard!


  1. I really really love the color of your hair! and the crazy hair would def make me use a ton of conditioning products!

  2. Oh no, stop it, I love your hair! And... how amazing does it look styled for the shoot! I styled a shoot the other day and we did some pretty cool hair styling but I love this! xx mandy